Movie Monday Update Week of May 20th

Hello and Happy Monday TC readers! Got a lot of great movies releasing on the retail front as well as three big movies hitting the theater this week! I want to apologize for Saturday’s missing review but due to a personal problem I didn’t get the chance to sit down and write out my thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness! Looking to have a quick Star Trek review up by Wednesday (Spoiler I loved it.). Regardless the reviews will return to their normal Saturday night schedule! All right without further ado let’s get to it!

In Case You Missed It:


A new red band trailer for The Hangover Part III released last week and you can check it out here! The Hangover Part III stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, John Goodman, and Ken Jeong. The movie is expected to release on May 23rd, 2013!

Pacific Rim

A third trailer for the movie Pacific Rim hit the web last week and you can check it out here! The trailer shows off new footage and reveals more plot details. When an underwater alien attack threatens Earth, mankind builds giant robots to fight back. Pacific Rim stars Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day, and Idris Elba. The movie is expected to release on July 12th, 2013!


A new trailer for the movie About Time hit the web last week and you can check it out here! On his 21st birthday Tim learns about a long family secret. All the men in his family are able to travel through time to relive any moment until they get it just right. About Time stars Lee Asquith-Coe, Bill Nighy, and Rachel McAdams. The movie is expected to release on September 6th, 2013!

That does it for a glimpse of last week’s trailers. Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know! Let’s go ahead and move on into home releases.

Coming to Blu-ray/DVD:

May 21st:

Coming to Theaters:

May 23rd Wide Release:

May 24th  Wide Releases:

See anything that’s missing? Comment and let us know!

That does it for this week! Be sure to keep coming back every Monday and Saturday for new Thinking Cinematic content!

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