Community Review: Heroic Origins

Although it seems like we just started it’s finally the penultimate episode of community. Unfortunately due to time constraints this will be an abridged review and I apologize in advance. So here are my quick thoughts on Heroic Origins (4.12).

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The episode opens up with the group trying to study for their last history test of the semester. Abed reveals that he’s been slowly tracking the groups origin and discovered that the group were destined to meet and that their stories have always been interwoven. Meanwhile Chang’s evil plan to expel the study group and shut down Greendale starts to come to fruition.


As a whole I’m conflicted with the episode. The idea that the study group was destined to meet by fate sort of tramples over the premise of the show. This group was suppose to be an unlikely band of misfits who by random chance met and melted together into a family they never had. On the other it was a guilty sense of pleasure wanting to delve deeper into the group of characters that I have grown attached to over the years. For the most part the episode works as a whole with a very series finale vibe to it. Barring a few minor plot inconsistencies, the episode felt like a love letter from the writers to the fans. The jokes work well and the references they manage to squeeze in are amusing.

I really liked the running gag with the Star Wars prequels stabs but it comes away as been there and done that. My favorite moment was probably the origin of Magnitude which I will leave undiscussed for you to enjoy on your own. I was actually surprised that the episode was able to deal and salvage Chang in a way that I thought we would never see again. I think the biggest breaking factor for this episode is the fact that these stories try so hard to intertwine that it becomes too convenient and really hard to suspend disbelief.


Overall the premise of the episode is very pleasing and can be seen as a love letter to the fans from the writers, barring a few plot inconsistencies that is. The make or break factor of the episode is the fact that it tries so hard to intertwine each others stories that it comes across as to convenient and almost impossible to suspend disbelief. There are great moments regarding the origins of side characters as well as a great sense of redemption for Chang. As a whole the episode is enjoyable but the fact that it sort of messes with the premise of the show is a bit of a hard pill to swallow.


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