Movie Monday Update Week of Nov. 5th

Hello and happy Monday TC readers! Got a lot of great things to catch up on this week! A lot of big news as well as some big releases! Let’s start things up with a quick glance of movie news!

In case you missed it:

Last week Disney bought Lucasfilms for 4 billion dollars but that’s not all. They have confirmed that they’re moving forward with Star Wars VII with 2015 release schedule! Reactions have been mixed but I for one am excited and welcome Star Wars back to the big screen! Click here for more information on the deal!

Wondering where you’ll be able to enjoy The Hobbit in 48 FPS like Peter Jackson intended? Well it’ll be in 3D only and you can check the list of theaters that will be supporting the experience here!

Here’s a look at this week’s releases!

For Blu-Ray/DVD we have:

November 6th

November 9th

Coming to theaters November 9th:

Wide release

Limited Release:

See anything that’s missing? Comment and let us know!

That does it for this week! Be sure to keep coming back every Monday and Saturday for new Thinking Cinematic content!

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