Partysaurus Rex

Overall Partysaurus Rex was a fun and clever short by Pixar. The animation was done well and features extremely colorful and vibrant scenes. If you look too deep, the message may seem off, but Partysaurus Rex is still an entertaining short from start to finish.

This weekend saw the rerelease of Finding Nemo in 3D. It was nice being able to see Nemo on the big screen again but I found I wasn’t as impressed with the 3D conversion as I would have liked. There are some cool scenes in 3D such as the jellyfish field, or the underwater minefield but overall I’m not sure how necessary the 3D conversion was. However, I was surprised with the Pixar short that aired before the movie, Partysaurus Rex and decided to do a quick write up on it. I had heard buzz about it but I completely forgotten that it was attached with Nemo. Pixar shorts have always been just as exciting as their feature films. If this trend of re-releasing their movies is an avenue for more shorts than I am more than happy with bringing back their catalogue in 3D.

Partysaurus Rex is the latest installment of the Toy Story Toons that Pixar has been releasing in front of its movies as of late. It takes place at Bonnie’s house where the regular Mr. Potato Head and the other toys are picking on Rex for being too much of a party pooper. However, when Bonnie chooses Rex for bath time, Rex learns to liven up.


The story is a cute tale about learning to loosen up and not be so strict. If anything I would say the movie sends some mix signals about repercussions of your actions. Even after Rex finds himself in trouble when the humans are gone, he doesn’t suffer any consequences from the damages he’s done. He also gives into peer pressure and changes because the other people were ganging up on him. Again, this is a short, and the whole tone of the story is light hearted, so this is just a super critical analysis.


The humor is great and we are introduced to a new group of characters. The characters are different variations of bath time toys whose catch is that they can only move in water. It’s up to Rex to help them continue on after bath time is over. There are a lot of clever subtle jokes for the adults as well as visual humor for the younger audiences. The entire tone of the short is fun and lighthearted and nicely casted with great voice actors that really bring their bath time toy characters to life.


The animation is up to Pixar standards and the short was a colorful wave. Not getting too deep into spoilers but there is a rave like party once Bonnie leaves. Accompanying party music starts playing and the rest of the short follows suit on this upbeat tempo. With the range of colors as well as the bath time setting, this short was perfect for 3D. Bubbles were floating in and out of the foreground, as well as characters swimming by in the tub.


Overall Partysaurus Rex was a fun and clever short by Pixar. The animation was done well and was extremely colorful. If you look too deep the message may seem off but Partysaurus Rex is still an entertaining short from start to finish.


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